Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pre-Vandal Podcast and prediction

Sorry for the delay in the highly anticipated Podcast...JT and Vandal season ticketer OBNUG INTERN partake in the verbal melee...enjoy my rambkings and mumbling!

Pic from Drew @OBNUG

While some readers might ponder that I have hit the rum early today, I beg your forgiveness. Perhaps it is the nauseating smell of mothballed Vandal fan's clothing, fresh from being in the bottom of the closet/storage unit all year? Please do not stalk and hunt down this basement-dwelling blogger. Throw away the argument of poor scheduling and live in the now! Today is the big rivalry game and all guns should be blazing!

While it might be sacrilege for a Broncos fan to state this on the record, but I can see the Vandals leading at halftime....something like 21-14. Coach Akey should also be the Coach of the Year- sans Cincinnati's Brian Kelly. However by halftime, the initial confidence and out-of-this-world testerone levels of the Vandals will turn to putty under vicious and relentless defensive pursuit and the constant harassment by the immaculate decision making of Kellen Moore. I base my halftime score on the Vandals controlling the clock by multiple first downs on the first few series. The running game will mirror the attack of Fresno State, where Ryan Matthews emulated Jim Brown or Gale Sayers, breaking long touchdown runs( or going untouched). Or perhaps, the Vandals will just keep dinking and dunking down the field on third down in order to keep Kellen Moore and the high scoring offense away from the end zone. That being said, it all turns to muck in the second half. The snow that fell last night will be a non-issue. The absence of Shea McClellin will hurt at some point but hopefully the front 5-6 collectively will get the job done over the long haul.

The game ends up 38-21.....should be a frosty game, luckily there will be plenty of antifreeze in the tailgating area to keep everyone warm. Remember who these scumbags Vandals are, and where the hatred comes from. Do not forget the taunting of Pokey Allen, a few weeks before his death, especially after a fake punt was called by Joel Thomas ( who now coaches up at UDUB). I truly hope the score is out of hand in the first quarter but I just do not see it that way. There is generations of hate here in the state for this game, do your share to root on the Broncos. Punish the Dog Ass Vandals- seek Tom Scott for the origination of that term!

Want to also send some good luck mojo to the bipolar Utes in their battle against TCU tonight. Maybe TCU loses for the second yr in a row against the UTES, this time TCU being the 19 point favorite.
Enjoy football for what it is and Go Broncos! Stop Vandalism!

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