Friday, March 28, 2008

The Countdown to Shaven Or Unshaven Part Deux Is Amongst Us

A caller on the local sports radio show, mentioned personal hygiene of the host and it made me reminisce about last year's "POST OF THE YEAR" . I wonder if the local junior college is going to change their ways and amend the question out of the media guide or stick to their guns, screaming that "Shaven or Unshaven" is an innocent question for some ....young female adults.
Link to above video.....takes a while to load, but might be worth it. If you want the text version...

I scoured the website and could not find what I was looking for, but realize that the new media guide should be published shortly. I am thankful for the rodeo team not being interviewed about the same subjects. While I am sure some would want the volleyball team to be interviewed, I believe the new found publicity has overwhelmed the athletic department.

If anyone cares to contact the College of Southern Idaho athletic department, here are the particulars:

CSI Athletic Department

315 Falls Avenue - PO Box 1238

Twin Falls, ID


Phone: 208-732-6486

Fax: 208-734-0245
If you get any new and useful information, pass on down the line to STATUELEFT