Tuesday, February 3, 2009


It appears that JTRAY will be hooking up the out-of-towners with a livestream feed of one of the two BSU Letter Of Intent Signing Parties tomorrow. The unofficial KTIK 1350am feed will be streamed live over the internet. JTRAY from BRONCONATIONNOW is the pimp* for handling these responsibilities.....here are his thoughts on maximizing the Internet experience tomorrow

Greetings, I received an email from Andrew Paul, KBOI & KTIK program director Monday asking for if I would like to participate in their Letter of Intent Party. With that I have decided to provide streaming video of the event for Bronco Nation. It may not be the party it once was, but it will be a party none the less. I invite all that are unable to attend live to view streaming video of the event at http://bronconationnow.com/live. Like last year a chat room will be made available.
Now it goes without saying this is being done on short notice and the full behind the scene details are sketchy at this point, but like last year I will do everything I can to make this happen.
UPDATE: Just finished up speaking with Andrew Paul KTIK and the details are much clearer.*****I recommend that all users update to the latest version of
Adobe Flash and if at all possible avoid using Internet Explorer 6.0. I recommend IE 7 or above and FireFox 3.0 on the Windows platform. On Mac OS X, Safari, Firefox or Camino will do the trick.******

Will the head honchos over at KIDO 580am wake up and smell the coffee and get with the program ( it is the 2009 for Pete's sake). A lack of of streaming video of the event only hampers/handcuffs the popularity of the LOI day. This is like Christmas come early or candy for college football geeks like myself.

I will not ask you blog readers to choose one LOI party over the other as we are all Bronco supporters, just wish the resources could have been pulled together responsibly ( with plenty of notice). Hopefully with positive results the LOI day will become another staple of the Bronco Nation.

I will be at the Buffalo Wild Wings around 2pm......look for the streaking guy with the bold black letters of STATUELEFT across his back. For those lowly Vandal fans, please identify yourself by sporting the fabled Akey pornstache.

* I will personally guarantee that during the streaming of the LOI day, there will no "interruptions" like the Super Bowl experience for those down in the Tucson, AZ area- the video below may or may not be suitable for work......all depends what type of work you are into!