Saturday, August 8, 2009

Due to pre-existent restrictions on non-media types attending BSU practices

...might as well keep an eye on some local concerts...AS ALWAYS, CLICK ON ANY PIC FOR LARGER VERSION

Warped Tour came through the area once again. What is usually played at an outdoor venue, quickly took it's dog and pony show inside due to torrential rainstorms (or maybe the rain was just going to linger all day long). I benefited from the venue being moved inside since I was there just to enjoy a day away from work while monitoring my teenager's whereabouts.....

For some reason, the closing act was Bad Religion. I was not really excited about seeing them, but they were chosen as the closer I think there was a just lack of a bigger performer at this stop on the tour. I went to enjoy Bouncing Souls and Shooter Jennings, but the son of Waylon decided to skip out on Boise. My guess is that he is headed to the Braun Brothers Reunion as the secret guest on Saturday Night up in Challis. Just sayin' could happen. (EDITED- Mickey and the Motorcars ended up being the special guest- I guess I expected more)

While the weather was poor outside, I did enjoy the seat in the front row in order for better picture taking and video opportunities.......Here is some that made the cut.....damn battery went dead half way through and the backup battery is 5 yrs old and only lasted 5 minutes.
Oh well- live and learn!
Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band- The Reverend introduced his wife, Breezy, on the washboard and his brother on the 5 gallon pickle bucket ( meaning the drums). After the intro, they went into "Your Cousin on Cops" which was a good little jingle. I could be wrong about that, and played my favorite song of theirs, "Mama's Fried Potatos", after the intro.... Breezy
This official video is worth watching and wish I had time to get the whole video of the band performing this song.....

Underoath ( Christian band that does not overtly preach their religious influence....which is nice) The keyboards/audio guy was really looked like he was enjoying the gig- dude on far left. The guitarist with the huge beard was also very extroverted. The beard was truly something.
favorite pic of the day- with all of the thrashing of the hair....

All Time Low

Yellow shirted security dude handles the line to the floor .....they closed off the access to the floor, due to an overflow capacity I safety safety- at a punk show?

Bouncing Souls - lead singer, Greg, announced he is from New Jersey and resides now in McCall, Idaho.

Greg also announced to the crowd that the set was dedictaed to John Hughes, who had recently passed away. The creative angst movie maker put out a ton of great movies, to long to list, but my favorite was Ferris Bueller. In the pic, below, Greg reads a short piece about the Breakfast Club....

TAT from England.....

Less Than Jake- pretty fun set....they harassed the people in the stands who chose not to get on the floor. I am sure they were unaware of the fact that a security guard was holding people back to due to many people on the floor. Lame, I know....but the truth hurts

So there was man in a orange/red windbreaker and blue jeans who appeared to be in his later 40's perhaps and the boys from LTJ invivted "DAD" to the stage....DAD eventually moved on stage and and was threatened with getting french kissed by some nasty hillbilly white trash woman of the night who was up in the stands....LTJ started up their song and Tim/DAD went back to his resting spot on the side of the floor....After LTJ found that Dad escaped, they instructed all of the dirty sleazy sluts to grind/dirty dance on Tim/Dad.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids

We the Kings

Gallows reminds me of older punk shows in a crowded basement........playing amongst the thrashing teenagers. Have to love the midget singer calling out more successful bands...oh well, keep on keeping on dude