Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Scrimmage 2 Bush Hamdan

Spring Scrimmage 2 Mike Coughlin

Spring Scrimmage 2 Kellen Moore

Spring Scrimmage 2 Ian Johnson

Hosei Exchange Students

Where do I sign up....not only do they gain access to the double secret probation practices on the Blue, they all get free Under Armour gear when traveling abroad....

Away in the Stadium, a Baby is born

pics compliments of of 4.05.08

Spring Scrimmage #2 The Ugly

Had to shrink these pics because they were so bad. Even Coach Pete mentioned the issue of the errant snaps during interviews after the scrimmage. The only good news, is that I am not naming the center ...since what good would that do, right?

Spring Scrimmage #2 Focus on Nick Lomax

Spring Scrimmage #2 Defense

D Line candidates The Future of the "Mike" position at Boise State?
3/4 of the Starting Defensive Backfield this year?
Flying to the ball and taking down Avery (right hand side of the play)

The future of BSU's defense

Next 3 pics- Relentless to the ball...defense swallows up Avery.....common theme for the running attack, as a whole least Toshi stood up his man.

Chase Baker giving the business...this kid is going to be a force
Wrapping up (right hand side of the pile) by a blue-sleeved tackler

Think Phillip Edwards beat his doubt
head down is not good , but making the play is the final equation
Bingham showing how it should be done....Kellen is lucky he was wearing the red jersey