Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Scrimmage #2 Defense

D Line candidates The Future of the "Mike" position at Boise State?
3/4 of the Starting Defensive Backfield this year?
Flying to the ball and taking down Avery (right hand side of the play)

The future of BSU's defense

Next 3 pics- Relentless to the ball...defense swallows up Avery.....common theme for the running attack, as a whole least Toshi stood up his man.

Chase Baker giving the business...this kid is going to be a force
Wrapping up (right hand side of the pile) by a blue-sleeved tackler

Think Phillip Edwards beat his doubt
head down is not good , but making the play is the final equation
Bingham showing how it should be done....Kellen is lucky he was wearing the red jersey

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