Saturday, April 5, 2008

Luckily the sky is not falling.....

because Tom Scott made an unofficial appearance, dressing down for the "ho hum" scrimmage, but he gets a pass for the Pete Zimowsky threads......good to see Mr. Scott out there gathering the scoop ( notice the old school pen & pad) for his next Scott Slant. Also spotted celebrity team surgeon, or least used to be team surgeon, Dr. George Wade....A.K.A. Wade the Blade ( below in the blue jacket)
Interesting enough, local DJ/Sportscaster/Handyman J Bates was seen next to Mr. Scott and got me thinking.....what if Tom Scott and J Bates replace the living legend himself?

Spotted a smiling Paul J Schneider cruising the sidelines, being distracted by people wanting to talk to him about......anything new, I suppose. I am sure Paul J was there for the football and maybe working some contacts for new employment. He did make his way towards the last 30 minutes of the scrimmage up into the stands, and I could have swore I had an inkling to start clapping and give Paul J a standing ovation. However, since no one else seemed all that excited to be in the general vicinity of a living legend, I chose to take some quick snapshots of him instead. Not sure if he was thinking I was a stalker or a KIDO 580 AM investigator tailing him to see if there is any dirt to drag up, in order to take the heat off the new Bronco Sports Radio Station. I left the scrimmage without pestering him, but I almost shook his hand as I walked by him, but I chose better and headed to StatueLeft-mobile in the Mountain View High School Parking Lot.

I might try to get inside Paul J's mind and see what he thinks about the QB marathon.....

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