Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Scrimmage 2 commences in 2 hours.....

If anyone wants to send their pics and have these said pics displayed for others to see, by all means email me at!

Over the next few days I will upload some of these pics that you have forwarded on. Just let me know what moniker you want me to give the picture taker credit as ....and it is simple as that.
Any recommendations for what people want to see... More BACON, Kellen, Pettis, Titus or Drew, Burroughs, Percy, Coughlin....whoever....just name it. If you prefer the sequence shots of the whole play, just let me know...not a lot of time until the first snap.........
Of course there might be limited coverage on the o-line since they stay out of the spotlight for the most part.
Enjoy the scrimmage and hope everyone stays healthy throught and the rain clouds dissipate!

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