Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl, Who Ya Got?

Obviously a lot of the media is projecting a (landslide) victory by the Steel Curtain. Big Ben has brought up that the fans are speaking of a need for one more ring to obtain the Iron City 6 Pack ( Pittsburgh's fan way of saying they want 6 Super Bowl rings). Reminds me of last year, when everyone thought the Brady and the Bellicheats would win decisively over the Giants. I jumped on board hook, line, and sinker! So I will take the opposite approach and go against the grain and root for the Cardinals. Sure, the Steelers have the fierce defense and recent Super Bowl experience.
-The Cardinals have a wise sage at QB, that can sling the rock still....
-we all know Larry Fitz is the best WR in the game ( at least during the last 4-6 weeks).
-If Pittsburgh wins, I will venture a guess that Mike Tomlin will ride Willie Parker to a MVP.
- If the Cardinals shock the world, I will venture a guess that Warner will be the hero ( I know, a big stretch).
-That being said, I am forecasting the Cardinals getting out to a 2 score lead and the Steelers get out of their gameplan, and start chucking the ball around. This will cost the Steelers valuable time of possession and put the ball back in Big Ben's hands. That is not Steelers football.
-I can also see Larry Fitz getting minimized and Anquan Boldin getting the yeoman's share of the workload.
-If Warner does not get the MVP, I will go with Boldin.
-Do not be surprised if underrated Safeties Ryan Clark and Adrain Wilson crack some skulls.
- I would not be surprised if Byron Leftwich or Matt Leinart end up in the game due to injury.

That being said, Cardinals 28 Steelers 20! Print It
Also in BSU recruiting news, Preston King from Orange County, Ca. might be trippin' to San Diego State ( instead of BSU) this weekend. He was teammates with John Michael Davis of Tesoro High, who has verbaled to BSU. He has been offered a scholly from San Jose State. Also, he was offered a preferred walk on status at Colorado. If he does not trip to Boise this weekend, he could end up regretting it but, to each their own. Playing for a bottom dwelling MWC is better than playing for the premier team in the WAC? We all have our dragons to slay, but playing closer to home must be the magnet for King.

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