Saturday, September 20, 2008

Who ya got for the hit of the week?

Feed courtesy of KTVB


Drew said...

Gotta disagree with your verbage in your poll...Jeron Johnson's hit upon further review was not cheap or dirty. Contact was made between him and Dickson right as the ball is directly over Dickson's head. The Powers hit was closer to "dirty"...although even that one was just a classic roughing the passer play. The slow-mo replay makes it look more egregious.

StatueLeft said...

I actually see the shot by JJ as a cheap shot since the ball was higher by maybe 5-10 higher than his hands and the ball was by Dickson (leaving Dickson defenseless) as he hit made be right as far as Ellis being worse overall but I think JJ could have layed off...don;t mind the physicalness overall however