Friday, September 19, 2008

Wish I had time to list

all of my thoughts and possible predictions, regarding tomorrow's big Clash of Northwest Titans but I will give you this ...... each team will have a big day running the ball. Both teams have depth at the running back spot, and it might come down to the o-line ( in the end). The pass game yardage numbers will be given to the young gunslinger from BSU. Simply put....the starting QB for Oregon is at 3rd and 4th stringer for a reason. Those backups have not received the quality amount of snaps until this week. Moore has received enough snaps to be prepared for what could be the best secondary in college football.
I foresee IJ scoring 3 times as he re-emerges and shows off the speed he had showcased against the Beavers from 2 yrs back.
That being said, I can also see the D Acrey injury as a blessing in a weird bizarro world way......The speed possessed by the other linebackers along with the discipline of the position that is needed, the LB corp of Gingg, Tevis, Dobbs and/or Brady could be the gamechanger.
I will say, this game could get out of hand in an ugly way, if Kirby Moore's older brother gets rattled in the Thunderdome called Autzen Stadium. That being said, Km does not have the personality that shows chinks in his armor. If my prediction is correct, then the legend of Kellen Moore continues to ascend and grow to titanic proportions.........BSU 35-30, believe it!
Could this also be the week that the monkey is bucked off the back of the BSU Broncos......wait and see!

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