Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Aftermath of a certain spontaneous event @ the Big Easy

Ziggy was pretty decent, but Robert Randolph stole the show and finished up the 90 minute set with some local kid ( supposedly) hoping on stage and jamming with the rest of the band....

here is some links to some of the clips loaded up ........Thanks to the Walls for free tix to the show and to the security staff who supplied warnings rather than kicking me out/confiscating my camera while recording some clips.....


Robert Randolph

White girls shaking their groove thang

Robert Randolph @ Big Easy, Boise, Idaho 5.08.07
more white gals shakin' that thang
01:18Jimi Hendrix cover clip
02:56 This clip is so-so until R. R. starts offering up his guitar to anyone in the crowd to come play....and some kid at the end of the clip answers the call....and climbs up on stage

This Robert Randolph clip has a local kid hopping up stage ( supposedly a local kid) to close the show

remaining clips are just random clips during the show

Also thanks to the BBQ FRITOS that got me through the rough times....

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