Friday, October 17, 2008

Ha'a Ha'a Ha'a

Quick score prediction, few hours before the game.

49-7 good guys
........ due to Hurricane Funaki whimpering into Boise, like a mild tropical storm.
I love the name of the Rainbow Warriors starting QB but he, with his fancy lucha libre mask, will not scare the Broncs defense.

-Will Iloka or Jeron knock Funaki out of the game? Here is the real Funaki, lower left, in the prone position. he must have been getting practice, being blindsided and getting laid out. Poor kid never had a chance......cue the ambulance siren.
If/when Funaki gets carried off the field, the kid in the orange jersey ( below), backup qb/broncos wanna-be Santos will be facing the Broncos onslaught! - According to the Warriors blog, the Warriors ( or at least some blogger who covers the team, probably a member of the local Hawaii fishwrap, stayed in Meridian and enjoyed dinner at Cool Hand Luke's in downtown Boise. Too bad they did not hit the road down Eagle, and they would have found a Cool Hand Luke's much closer. As for the parking ticket, just a sign of things to come!
-Over/under on IJ rushing yardage.......75? I say under.....ugh. That being said, this is to be expected when they stack the box with 7-8 defenders. That being said, losing touches to Avery does not help IJ's Heisman campaign ( yes, that campaign has officially jumped the shark!).

- Kid Legend Kellen Moore over/under 300 yards passing? I say over with about 350....keep throwing the ball kid. This kid has played 2 quarters of bad football ( the second half of the So. Miss game). Not bad from his 5th overall collegiate action.

-Over/under on Titus Young sightings on the the board. Get your head right #4.

- Who will get Swiked first, Inoke Funaki or Kealoha Pilares?

- Over/under on Orange Bowl "mentions/references" being at the game tonight.....35? I take the under but any mention of BSU heading to the Orange Bowl is good pub, makes that target on the Broncos back that much bigger. I will take the extra heat if they have something to go after ( in this case, the Orange Bowl is not half bad. Especially if Wake Forest or Florida State are the opponents).

- J Childs scores 2 times and gets a personal foul for celebrating...but blames it on "showing love to the other wide out who is currently suspended."

- This blogger loves the haka, or ha'a and has no problem with the Rainbow Warriors dancing .....on the sideline in the corner of the stadium Not a midfield, and if that happens, let the games begin and let the scoreboard run out points.

-This Friday game is great for exposure on ESPN and those locally who can not scalp a tix. The non-attendees can actually watch the game on ESPN HD vs the local non-hd KTVB. No questions there...... Really,is there any other way to watch football other than in High Def? It is embarrassing that the #15 ranked BSU Broncos do not have an tv affiliate that shows off their gem of the university with a High Def production. The widescreen digital the local affiliate is offering is not the same thing. That being said, the local KTVB does link my blog ( as well as other local blogs) to their website. Thanks for the traffic.
Getting back to the point of games on Friday, I am very much against them. The recruits in high school are not visiting tonight since they, believe this, are playing in a high school freakin' game tonight ( Do not bring up the J.C. guys, since they usually play on Saturdays). For that very reason, I will not be attending the BSU game tonight, since I will be on the sidelines of a local HS FBALL game (not as a player but as a coach). Bad timing for this blogger but overall, good exposure to the rest of the nation. Especially good timing since there is no play off baseball on tonight.
-BYU nice effort last night.......your legs look slow and weak. So much for the greener pastures of a BCS Bowl. That being said, I need to watch out for people throwing stones in glass houses.
- The Red Sox were simply battling to the last out last night, from Pedroia to Papi JD Drew ( huh!). Nice work, Sox. Now if Beckett could be the old Beckett and mow down the DRAYS, then we all know that Lester will handle the limp DRAYS in Game 7.

Enoy the game, bra.....and Mahalo for reading

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