Saturday, October 11, 2008

Welcome to the Rock

Off to Mississippi and away we go. Nothing much to add to this lil season or this game, but I sure hope the kid QB/future legend does not act his age. I am not really worried about the young o-line, the no-name defensive tackles, nor the 3 headed monsters at the safety spot.

-With word that Titus Young will be not playing again this week, I sure hope that the suspension is limited to this game. Since the rumor mill is running full steam and some people will blow this out of proportion, I will simply state that I sure wish this was a grades issue but ......we will see what comes down the line. This blog does not want to turn into the small scale Boise Enquirer or ( which is a lot more positive than any trashy gossip site). Hopefully the youngster will put it together, sooner than later. On that note, what is the advantage of this blog giving up bad news about the BSU player involved. At this point, nothing good comes from it, so I still will hold out hope that I will be granted a future press credential for this blog, once BSU admins pull there head out. BSU Admins even failed to acknowledge Graham Watson blog from ESPN, and she is without press access to BSU. Or maybe that is just a rumor, uh oh....slippery slope, here I descend......

Not a lot of predictions but this is what I see-

One thing that could happen, ( which could be any team's downfall) is the freak play or bad call that swings momentum towards the bad guys. Have no doubt that the coaching staff are worried enough about Damion Fletcher and the rest of the screaming Golden Eagles, but the intangibles that the coaches and players can not control are the main reason for worry.

-3 td's from Moore ( one could be on the qb dive early on in the game)

-One rushing Td by IJ

- Hit of the game will be by Acrey

-One special teams big play, and maybe not a return for td but a big block on a crucial ( at least in the moment) blocked pat or fg.

- Hout will be sporting a fresh #94 jersey

-Jeron Johnson will fill the gaps like usual and end up with double digits in tackles.

-Kyle Wilson will not be thrown at. Senseless not to go after the younger B Thompson ( great effort last week on the ball/receiver after the big pass was completed, and B Thompson continued to make the fingernail tripping tackle, thus saving the sure TD).

-It sure would be nice if someone got SWIKED early and often in the game

-It would be nice if some one finally stated that Larry Fedora needs a men's hat sponsorship

....and because of this, I foresee a 35-20 ballgame. I hope Brian Murphy sends me a $20 gift card for my prediction.

Finally, if anyone was lucky enough to see Flogging Molly last night in Boise, leave a comment and provide accurate descriptions of how much fun you kids had!!!!

P.S. As I log off the computer, BYU is losing to the Lobos from New Mexico and for that reason, I dedicate the next song you hear by LOS LOBOS to all of you readers.....

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