Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ho Hum...

As expected the LA TECH trap game, following Upset Saturday, did not occur. Great job by the coaches to wrangle in any wandering minds of impressionable 18-22 year olds. Fans in the stands and from afar, watching on television, witnessed your average yeoman-like performance by your unflappable redshirt freshman, Kellen Moore, who treated it like your typical Wednesday night game on ESPN. Moore had your ho hum play of the game, while proceeding through the pocket, he quickly sidearmed the pigskin to IJ on a quick improv toss, which looked beautiful. So much for the Legend not being deft and mobile.

-Ian Johnson did not have a lot of touches on the ground but received more than 100 yards through the air. After a big swing play to take the ball inside the 10 yard line, IJ pointed at each one of his linemen in acknowledging the good blocks by them. As the tv cameras panned the sideline the next few plays, you saw IJ gasping for air as he watched DJ Harper scamper into the endzone. The Heisman talk has officially been killed for IJ, simply because he will not get enough touches. No fault of of IJ, but just too many weapons on the ground with Avery, Harper and Martin ( and don't forget Perretta).

- Chris Oneil scored on a double pass, ( see the play here)but I expected some sort of resistance by the DB who could have pounded Oneil as he crossed the goalline. Good catch and run but what soft defense, after getting burned on the trickeration. Maybe Coach Pete showed that play on ESPN for all of the recruits out there. BSU ran the same play with Zabransky a few years back against Utah. One difference, it was easier for the left handed Moore to throw the rock on the left hand side of the field vs Zabransky having to throw against his body. The hit on Zabransky after he threw his double pass, left his arm with a big gash. Memories of heroes past!

- Did not see much of Titus Young in the passing game, but he scored on an end around. Titus did drop a easy touchdown on a beautiful lob by Moore. This was the play were the receivers were stacked 3 deep on the left side ( the wr's looked like the letter I, vs just being in the tight bunch set), and Moore threw the ball out to the right to Titus. Disappointing drop on such a beautifully thrown ball.

-LA TECH RB Daniel Porter did run hard and was very hard to tackle but the ESPN announcer calling Porter the hardest running rb in the nation needs to step away from the moment.

-Props to Harper for getting taken down in the middle of the game, but after not touching the turf but rather rolling over the body of the defender, Harper continued on, while other players looked to quit on the play. Then ESPN Rod Gilmore bitched and moaned how that play is going to get some one hurt. I understand Gilmore's point but this is football and Gilmore's suggestion that this play should be treated like the "in the grasp" rule with the qb is nonsense. This is Division One football!. Take off the skirt and play football. This is another example of the wussification of America! That being said, the rest of the game was handled very well by ESPN and the local viewers were lucky enough to get the game in High Def. Nice change compared to the local outfit who will not invest in a HD production.

- #69 B Hout played last night and while I disagree with burning the redshirt year while only playing 3-5 snaps last night, the coaches have their reasons. A) The kid is too good to keep off of the field B) After the Oregon win, the coaches are going for the BCS game C) Depth on this team is needed...........Not sure but I am figuring with the big upset over Oregon, the coaches killer mindset is figuring this year is the year. BSU has a real chance in the BCS and if they can get to another BCS game, then even bigger recruits could be coming in over the next year or two and Hout might as well get some playing time as we speak. Wish I could be the fly on the wall in that decision making conversation.

- Steve Reveles played a whale of game last night and made some huge stops in the middle

- Brandyn Thompson made a good second effort from his backside when Saturday Night Livas caught the deep ball off the double move. As Thompson was on the ground after not making the initial play, he flic5ked his arm to get any piece of the wideout. This attempt tripped up Livas's leg and while the play was a big play for the boys from Ruston, this prevented a long touchdown.

- Kyle Wilson also had a touchdown saving tackle in the first half, after a wideout got pass the secondary.

- Taylor Bennett needs to get on in life and start his next career. 9-27 is not good for a 5th yr senior ( even at your second school).

- Jeremy Childs showed a good burst on a simple 5 yard stop and just ran by the outside corner back. It was a minimal gain but it showed the burst.

- Julian Hawkins sighting...welcome to the party. Way to hang on to the ball in endzone after taking the hit

- Harper can thank Richie Brockel for a punishing perimeter block that sprang him loose on the touchdown where Harper put the ball over the pylon. Props!
- Stifling defense that never gets enough praise....enjoy your anonymity!

- Dan Paul...keep your feet young man and you are dancing into the endzone and helping me with my prediction that the Broncos would score 45 points. Sadly, LA Tech did not show up and could not match my predicted 21 points.

-Now the break before Southern Mississippi who is continually hyped but never seems to get it done. Another trap game however this one is on the road.

- Finally, while the victory is the most important thing.....there will be no nominees for hit of the week after this mid week clash of WAC teams. Nothing stood out worth of it.

Also in the news-

Loney being Loney....props to the kid with the grand slam. Ryan Dempster ( above) looked shell shocked. That first game in a short 5 game series is so crucial. Onward to Chavez Ravine to close it out this weekend. That being said, if you steal one against Big Z in Chitown, that is extra bonus points. That will be no small task for Chad Billingsley.

- Vlad looks like he needs a walker getting around 2nd base....but great play by Youkillis to throw him out by 15 FEET....ugh

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NO hit of th week? What about that hit in mid-air by Kyle Wilson that seperated the WR from the ball he caught...