Monday, October 27, 2008

Do Broncos Hibernate?

Let me know when the rest of the WAC season is over? Seriously this is the biggest detractor of the BSU schedule and well warranted. There is no way to defend these fellow conference members....every year. The conference motto is PLAYUP.....well, wake me when one of these teams manages to play adequate football. Boise State is not just leaps and bounds above the rest of this mediocre league, it is disgusting.
What is a bigger shock, how the San Diego Super Chargers have sunk to new lows or the competitive level of the WAC has descended into the C-USA realm? It is embarrassing.

1- Playing a consistently overrated SJSU squad (every year Tormey is turning it around, and the offense continues to disappoint)
2- Hal Mumme's towel is stiffer than the defense that New Mexico State displays...and they lost to Idaho. Just atrocious!
3- Hawaii has sunk back into pre- June Jones mode. Nice encore, McMackin!
4- Nevada is hurting without Lippincott. So much for building off of that momentum from last year. The Lil General, AKA Chris Ault, is going the way of the Dodo bird- meaningless!
5- Idaho is celebrating and storming the field when they beat New Mexico State (after stopping their double digit losing streak to D1A teams....ugh.
6-Fresno State continues to be overrated and the program has stagnated...Pat Hill can not put up the FOR SALE sign quick enough.
7- Utah State has gotten better and played within a 58 yard field goal of Fresno State....what does that say.

Wake me when the BCS bowl arrangements are announced. This blogger is sick of the WAC conference and lack of competition. I am also sick of the continuous sensationalism and hype machine that pumps up the likes of Fresno State, San Jose State, Nevada and Hawaii. There will be a self-imposed sleep period through the rest of conference play. Get out of the WAC ASAP! Suddenly the 5th best team from the MWC playing in the Hum Bowl in 2009 does not look all that bad.


Paige said...

I never thought it was possible, but the rest of the WAC does seem to be getting worse.

At this point, I'm just hoping that we can turn these next couple games into statement games. Can you say blow out?

StatueLeft said...

At this point, not sure if the staff are interested in RUTS, but hopefully they winning by 3 scores