Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pogo Anyone? Ups and Downs of Warped Tour 2007

video clips-
First time crowd surfer
As I Lay Dying "Confide"
New Found Glory
Flogging Molly "Tobacco Island"
Flogging Molly clip of " save whats left of the flag"
Killswitch Engage clip
Hawthorne Heights
& another H. Heights clip

bonus coverage by Larry Ransom (thanks), capturing Revolution Mother calling out EMO bands
Roll Tonight
The Real Deal

After losing my cell phone for 3-4 hours during the pit at the Flogging Molly set ( who knew)....I was able to recover it from some teenagers from Idaho City ( Props for them to give it back to me with minimal harassment) and so the show must go on.....

The Good-

1) Seeing bands like Flogging Molly be as energetic as anyone without being the hardcore b.s. music.......priceless, fun set and for only 30 minutes, they worth the price of admission

2) Pepper brought a new twist on Alcohol, Pussy and Weed- aloha style calling out the emo bands for being pussies....tip of the hat to them

3) Revolution Mother looks like a Zak Wylde ripoff but as far as early sets they were rawking pretty good, plus they wore hells angels get-ups with cowboy hats...weird blend but fun

4) The ass clown guitarist in Killswitch Engage, funny but the poor singer must be sick of his act....the wall of people was not bad when they split the pit and rushed into each other, imagine the injuries

5) Only saw one good fight between drunk guys, heard about a cat fight rolling into the portapotties, and saw a few broken faces with blood poring...not too shabby...This seasoned vet/roadie (Kevin Nash Clone) helped the overmatched security guards "simmer down" the situation.... my first impression is that this guy has seen a few fisticuffs

6) As I Lay Dying...not bad for an early set....the pit was going pretty good and stirring up some dust

The Average-

1) Bad Religion has been around too long but the lead singer called out ( on a radio show previous to the set) emo kids/ teenage boys for wearing womens jeans and then rolling them up...Dude has a sweet voice but the music does nothing for me

2) Red Jumpsuit apparatus- Tough gig playing the last set of the night to the kids who suffered in the sun all day....decent music, nothing to write home about...constant crowd surfers falling when I was in the 2nd row, lead to lack of any good upclose pics...ho hum

The Bad-

1) The cancellation of, only band I wanted to see after Flogging Molly

2) Paramore is horrible and the pants of the queens in the band are even worse

3) Cute is what we aim for- boring...did not help that middle fingers in their general direction were coming from the Flogging Molly crowd gathering ..... ( Pic deleted due to being so freaking bad)

4) The crowd surfing during a Flogging Molly set sucks for dudes trying to enjoy the set in the second row...oh well

5) The New Found Glory front man calling out the crowd on the lawn for chilling and stating that they paid money for a ticket to watch from the lawn.....if they did not play a boring set, maybe some more kids would have come down to the pit....if you need to start a circle pit from the stage by the front man, what does that say about your music- boring
6) Hawthorne Heights- " Thank you very much"- yeah we get it....stop saying that and get to playing some better music

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