Wednesday, August 22, 2007

With 8 days to go til BSU throws down ( and all over ) the Wild Kitties of Weber State, here is proof that Bear Grylls is a fake!

Yes there is more important things to discuss like, the starting QB for Boise State vs. playing true freshman and the amount of said true freshman-
Titus Young Austin PettisD.J. Harper Brad Elkin(far left)Jarrell RootBilly Winn.....but after all the "daunting" task of facing Weber State allows me to digress into another direction...
Thanks to ( a daily visit is required for any red blooded American) for the story on MAN VS. WILD fake, Bear Grylls, and his abundance of fake stunts in the outdoors....I should have trusted my own teenage daughter, when she quipped that Les Stroud of "Survivorman" fame has to survive in the wild all by himself for 5-7 days, plus lugging around his own camera equipment and trusty harmonica..... Here is the deciding factor on Bear Grylls losing my respect...spoiler alert- if you are Bear Grylls fan, you will not be after this lil montage...absolutely inexcusable

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