Thursday, November 6, 2008

Random Coincidence of the Day

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Last night some of the basement dwelling podcasters had another gathering of the druids ( reminiscent of Stonehenge) and we were joined by Alex Guerrero, former D Tackle extraordinaire, who just so happened to sign up with the AFL2 Boise Burn.

Through much discourse and rolling of 20sided die, a casual question came about concerning the Boise State coaches frowning upon blogs....blah blah blah. This led into, what do the coaches think of myspace and facebook? Alex supplied some off the cuff answers and let us basement dwellers enjoy in the honesty. Ironically, this lil news flash out of University of Texas, where a man with a great first name, put up a ( insert any idiotic free speech adjectve here) post on facebook with his kindest regards towards the President-elect. Props to Deadspin for the link

Thankfully, this type of chicanery is limited ( hopefully) and these kids on campus will realize that there are those that search for these type of troubling inflammatory remarks/pictures on the world wide web. Just a reminder to the kids out there.....that whatever you read/see on the Internet must be true........

These ridiculous comments posted on the world wide web are not limited to hillbilly rednecks with the Christian name of Buck. Oh no, check this site and the latest on Caitlyn Davis who got canned from the Patriots cheerleading squad over some similar idiotic facebook discoveries....

Stay true to yourself, keep ripping bicep curls so your tattoo looks more impressive and keep rolling that 20sided see-thru die.

Also want to add that some football announcer for the Utah Utes, Hans Olsen ( who might be from Idaho actually), was on the local radio show here in Boise, and stated that the Utah Utes are busting out the all black jerseys and the fans are coming to the stadium, Rice Eccles, with all black attire. Please cue the racist "black out" references to the stadium and the state of Utah. It must be in the water.........some blogger out there will catch this irony and put it out on the blogsphere for some some sophomoric humor. Hopefully the shots of fans wearing "black face" will not be seen on ESPN....err.....Versus......errr....The MTN......err, CBS College Sports, yes that is the channel that 12% of the nation can watch. By the way, for the lucky 12% channel 613 on Directv is the place to be 8pm edt. Your gathering to watch THE OFFICE will have to be put aside.

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