Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Everyone have a Happy Turkey Day

Do not forget this link for the blue t-shirt to support the Garrett Schramm idea of building a teen room at a local hospital.
Also spotted some submissions for BSU-related pics to the local fishwrap- this one below is probably the coolest but if you need to check out some pics to get you by the next few days, here is the link
-Predicting the score of the BSU game has not been something I am very good at this year. I have seen the offensive side of the ball start to jell, finally. The defense has been solid all year round. 14 points from last week's close call was related to the kid legend freshman hitting the intended wideout's right in the hands and the ball being deflected to a UNR player who quickly scampered back for 6 points.
-I do not think Bush Hamdan will line up under center in the 1st quarter but I would have no problem if that did occur. Coach Pete will some sort of way to salute the seniors for their time served here on the blue turf. If everything goes to plan, Bush Hamdan will see some time early in the second half and hopefully he can punch one before he is done for the day.
- I believe the final score will be close to 42-14. The defense will smack around a injury depleted team in the Fresno State Bulldogs. Pretty sure Ryan Matthews will not be suiting up. Tom Brandstater might have to win the game and to this date, he has not won on the Blue Turf ( outside of the shellacking of Georgia Tech last year in the H-bowl).
- Kellen throws for 2 td's and but over 200 yards before retiring, and giving the reins to Bush for a few series.
-IJ will score two running touchdowns from within the 5 yard line and equal the rushing td mark for the WAC. IJ will not get the 100 yards he would so like to get.....and his draft status will continue to plummet. I do see IJ receiving the biggest standing ovation in BSU history on Senior Day, for what that is worth!!!!
- Jeron Johnson will not destroy another opposing QB but even money that Hout, Powers or Iloka will.
- Shortly after the game, Pat Hill will announce that the impending bowl game for the Fresno State Bulldogs, will be his last as he is moving on to greener pastures.
- Jeremy Childs will showboat after a td and get penalized for his actions....Vinny P will not score but Austin Pettis will, most likely on a fade.
- Kyle Wilson will not return a punt to the house but do not be surprised for some sort of shenanigans on the blue turf in the special teams area.....
- regardless of the smackdown tomorrow....I do not want to see a Ball State vs BSU matchup for the H-Bowl. Meet BYU in the Poinsettia Bowl or Vegas Bowl but not the undefeated non-bcs midmajor championship ( now known as the NIT of college football) in Boise.....BSU would win and get no respect for winning on their home turf.
- quick reminder of Toys for Tots is at the stadium on one extra gift that Black Friday morning and donate while attending the game...please!
- to show why Coach Pete is beloved in this here small here
Once again, enjoy Thanksgiving and be smart -----do not drink and drive.........

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