Monday, November 10, 2008

Who ordered the Code Red?

Is this the missing evidence in the Deonte Jackson misdemeanor battery case? Is this proof that the Vandals are encouraged to pimp slap their own brethren?

Statue Left: Did you, Coach Akey, order the CODE RED on the unidentified player, specifically carried out by Deonte Jackson?
Akey: .......No I prefer Diet Mountain Dew......

Running Back Deonte Jackson, who has more rushing yards than Ian Johnson, has found himself in trouble. Up on the Palouse, where a average running back can beat up/or pimp slap a teammate ( who does not want to be identified), then not even get suspended while misdemeanor charges are seems that Akey has his ducks in a row. First he gets lauded for running off the bad seeds with in the last year.....and took the loss of scholarships due to the bad seeds. Now when his star ( use this term relatively) running back is in trouble, the player does not get suspended. What gives.......

That being said, I know their will be some Vandal Trolls who stated, " Better be careful when throwing stones in glass houses".....

My only response is that the head coach at Boise State University has suspended a few players, regardless of playmaking ability, and you would think this approach has limited further transgressions. Maybe after the trouncing this weekend in the airport hanger, Coach Akey can get in Coach Pete's ear and see about a lil guidance.
Bad timing by the unidentified player for bringing up charges on your own running back. You briging this up during " Hate Boise State' week? Which one of these greased up muscleheads ( see pic above) is the one who snitched? Maybe this article got him fired up....a year and a day before the Code Red went down!

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