Monday, November 10, 2008

Idaho Vandals...are they a relevant rival anymore?

Some would/could debate the need for the Vandals on the schedule. Essentially they are a Div-1AA Big Sky team playing in the WAC since their step-brother to the south remains in the WAC. For the last 7-10 years, I have wondered if this matchup remains a hate-filled rivalry game. The fans new to the Treasure Valley would/could say that this is not a rivalry game simply because the Vandals usually get blown out. Any fan who remembers THE STREAK will casually remind those rookie fans that there is plenty of payback left to dole out......

I will never forget the fake punt against an ailing Pokey Allen.

I will never forget the gutsy playcalling of Chris Tormey....still the best game I have ever seen where the Broncos lost at home.

I will never forget the last game of the Skip Hall era where Idaho just straight trounced the Broncos.

Those are the negatives of the rivalry that still makes some of the fans blood boil......What other memories do you have? Does this game matter? When BSU moves to the Mountain West Conference, will the Idaho game even matter?

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Paige said...

Back when the Vandals made this game competitive, I didn't know what a football was.

StatueLeft said...

Now the Vandals are executing "Code Red" on their own players.......Think Akey is a fan of Few Good Men