Monday, November 17, 2008

Recap of the ( formerly known as a rivalry) Game

Will not recap all the hogwash but Doug Martin is our new hero here at StatueLeft.....his likeness will be situated up top of this here blog.....until we are told by our sponsors to take it down!

- Who would you rather score with ....a Vandal who screams out HEEHAW or

or just "be friends" with a lady who looks good in under armor?

-Byron Hout has a motor that is unrivaled for any True Freshman in the WAC...... congrats on gathering the Player of the Week award- I usually could care less about these sort of individual awards

- All four captains were from this lovely state......

- The holes opened by the offensive live were virtually felonious......they could have been arrested for (&(*&(*(* the vandals....I will let you insert any verb in for the symbols a few words back. Now, will Woodruff return to Reno with the Warpaint on?

-Jeremy Avery is the number 1 running back ( I am simply stating this, hoping IJ reads it and wants to show me up and outperform Mr. Avery this week in Reno).

-Kellen Moore did not need to throw a touchdown pass to win the game....which shows the Redshirt Freshman is human after all. If he puts 3 more inches of loft on a pass from the 5 yard line, Pettis catches an easy touchdown. This pass might have been Kellen Moore's second or third mistake of the year. Not bad for a first year player. As for the late hit on the play where the whistle was blown and he got "pushed" to the ground......I thought the o-line should have pummeled the Vandal who did that. Not since the Vandal tackle was illegal or harsh but rather to make a statement that nobody touches our QB like that...ever!

- Kyle Wilson is showing why many think he will leap to the LEAGUE next year...I am hoping he realizes that he can make even more money if he sticks around for another of college experience ( okay, I just made this up, hoping KW sticks around another year).

- The coaching staff ( pic below) at Moscow must really work on their plyometrics during the week. I say this not because of these pics but rather the lack of coaching the football team that is purely evident.

- Brotzman......pull your foot out of your....get it done. I have faith in you and so does your coaching staff but .....

- Idaho fans....stay classy as always

pics from the Statesman and other misc photographers.....they all did a great job.

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