Thursday, November 20, 2008

The second most important game

this coming Saturday, November 20, will be played down in the lovely metropolis, Salt Lake City. I have never enjoyed rooting for BYU, especially since the in-laws ( not pictured above) are partial to that University, however a man must take extreme measures when needed. The obvious reason for this Bronco Blogger to go for the ZOOBS, is Utah needs to lose in order for BSU to have a shot at a BCS bowl. Yes, I know...BSU has to get through Nevada and Fresno State, but I think Utah will need their A-game in order to be successful in the Holy War. It you multiply 365 days by 24 hours, minus the approximate 4 hours the Holy War game will be going on, that is how much I root for against the Cougs. However that will come to an end this weekend, when for 4 hours, I will be the biggest Zoob fan still located on Ada County.

I never knew what a Zoob was until about a week ago, if you are interested in finding out, click here.... but not here as this is not the right answer. However a diehard zoobie takes the word to the extreme...which is okay when extreme measures are needed.
The pic below is the in-laws rubbing off on me.

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