Friday, November 21, 2008

Reno Bound.....

...not for this basement dweller. No, I have been volunteered by my son's Basketball coach to stick around town and take over coaching responsibilities, while the coach takes off for Reno. Thanks a lot friend!

Yes, one might say, that being there for your son during his youth is important, but when this same son could care less about the basketball game that he is suppose to be participating in, one's head might be shaking in confusion/disappointment. I know, the Moms and the overly-sensitive Dads out there might take umbrage with this blogger wanting to stay at home and watch the game ( heck I would take the hall pass and head out to the Reno game), but I chose to be with my son, all the while gritting my teeth and smiling, nonetheless.

Since I will be able to watch the first hour of the game and then head off to my son's b-ball game, I will simply state that the first half will probably be gut wrenching and tight. Thus, this means instead of the x's and o's on the hardwood, my focus will be on the game that I am tivo'ing while I shun out any blabberings about the scoreboard of the BSU game. One might suggest calling in a bomb threat to get out of the b-ball game but I have never seen that work when people are running late to the airport and want to make that flight, so what do they do, call in a bomb threat and everyone gets delayed for 5-6 hours ( not to mention the rest of the passengers in other airports). So that option is not viable.....

I can always don earplugs and not listen to the parents on the sidelines during the game or just ignore the kids all together and start screaming to get their hands up, move their feet, follow through, leap off the other foot on a lay-up and play tougher defense. No matter what happens, my son will come to me after the game and ask why he had to play the whole game instead of sitting out since he was tired. Or if that does not happen, I can see my son caring more about the post game snacks vs actual playing time.

I do not want to get started on how smooth the head coach of my son's b-ball team was, when he asked me to fill in this coming weekend, about 4 weeks ago. He pulled me in hook line and sinker. He knew what he was doing and I will dish out some cold revenge on him in due time.

As for the BSU game, (that I hope is over by the 10th minute in the second quarter) I can see this game actually being really close until the end. I am forecasting a 35-28 ballgame, the run game of Nevada limits the touches by the BSU offense, but Kellen Moore and his bounty of skilled athletes will reach pay dirt plenty of times. Most importantly, IJ scores one more time, late in the game, and ends up beating the Wolfpack of Reno. I prefer a 35-0 first quarter lead so I can hop skip and jump over to the local gym. I doubt that will happen, but I am hoping.

Nothing more to add but if you have any suggestions on how to delay the the UNR game until later Saturday night, hit me up in email form at ! I wish the KTVB crew good luck with their national broadcast of the game being featured on espn2! Wish the game time was delayed to 6pm local time, but oh well! Go get 'em Tom Scott!

This blogger does not support bomb threats in any way and thinks the act is quite cowardly!

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