Friday, November 14, 2008

Meaningless but needed...

Scoreboard will read 63-7, at the end of the bloodbath. I would be okay with a shutout but I can see the 3rd or 4th stringers giving up a lil bit. That being said, it could be all freshman on the defensive side of the ball by the start of the second half.

Could this be the game Ian Johnson gets his 100 yards rushing?

Could Bush Hamdan throw a touchdown to Tyler Shoemaker?

Will Pettis and Childs have more than 3 touchdowns combined?

Will Mike Coughlin impersonate Tim Tebow once again?

Did Coach Akey get out of Pullman since he saw the defensive debacle coming and wanted to tell WAZZU that he had a better team at Idaho than those clowns at WAZZU?

Over/Under on fans streaking the field .5? Never count out Larry Craig fellow classmates?

Is this post more about getting my prediction out there in the blogosphere just in case I nail the actual score vs I really do not want to post anything that will give Idaho any kind of press ( good or bad)? These clowns from the Palouse are just happy to be on the bottom line on ESPN all week...even though they are 36 point underdogs. I guess the guys at College Gameday have to talk a little bit about the highly ranked Broncos and their meek rivals from the North.

Over/Under on fights in the parking lot/stands ...9.5? I am taking the double digits, especially if Joseph Smith ( mugshot below) returns to watch the rivalry game.

Can not excuse the Bing Crosby references to Idaho and that lovely university up is a Moscow native, Josh Ritter, crooning "Idaho" made famous by Bing Crosby

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