Saturday, October 20, 2007

Geaux Broncos

On the surface, this picture echos reality of today's Broncos' game and appears to be a mismatch. I highly ranked and pissed off defense for BSU, lines up across from a limp LA TECH offense. Too bad LA TECH can't have their QB Zac Champion play like one of the League of Justice superheros that his name resonates.....Superman is not walking through that tunnel today.

BSU will face a 10-10 halftime score in the face and come out early in the second half with one thing on their mind- run, run, run, run ....oh the humidity! I doubt the humidity will play much of a factor, and I feel the long plane flight and time zone switches will have nothing to do with the team coming out sluggish. I will give a little credit to the Bulldogs defense, but after the halftime adjustments ( much like the Huskies game), the home team's defense will keep giving up more and more yards on the ground.

Another prediction: Austin Pettis will get a lot of touches and tough catches, since the logical thing to do would be to lock up/double coverage Jeremy Childs who is having an incredible year.

Pettis will be the player of the game and steal some of the true freshman thunder away from fellow stud wideout Titus Young. IJ will have at least 125 yards but Avery and Harper will get 6-8 carries as well.

Will this be the week of a Bush Hamdan sighting? Doubtful....

Finally, with this year of wacky upsets, maybe the Bulldogs channel Terry Bradshaw and muster a game...doubtful but after watching the most exciting game ever @ Lyle Smith Field last Sunday ( BSU 69-Nevada 67), I do appreciate the heart wrenching/ agonizing-and-way-too-close games, I remind people to be careful what they wish for....

BSU rolls in the second half and covers 30-10

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