Sunday, December 6, 2009

Crystal Ball looks like TCU-BSU in the Fiesta Bowl

First thing I think of is....
- this will decide the best non-AQ team in the land...yippeee
- Revenge is a strong motivating factor for the Broncos
- I am thankful for that dang Texas kicker for making the long field goal and helping the Broncos chances of getting into a BCS bowl game.

Bottom Line- BSU is in another BCS game...I will take it. The match up is just not as sexy as I would have hoped. Would not mind winning a bowl game as well ( I would have liked our chances against the 1950's style of football that Iowa still plays)!

Look for a podcast to come here in the next week with a blogger/rep from the TCU squad...

Spit Blood

pic from Spit Blood TCU