Monday, September 3, 2007

Looking forward to UDUB this weekend

Huskies have the right handed version incarnation of Tim Tebow, with the much publicized Jake Locker. The kid can run and while I am sure he can throw a good ball, the first half against the Syracuse Orange, last week, he threw the ball consistently high, out of the outstretched hands of their PAC-10 receivers. As long as BSU stops L. Rankin and forces the youngster to throw all day, especially against a deep and experienced secondary, Locker should have a tougher day ahead. That being said, the fully loaded guns will pour out for BSU, while they don't hold back, emptying the clip against the secondary of UDUB. No trick plays will be required......

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whooknew said...

i agree completely. if they stop the run and force the young qb to beat them, it will be a long day.

And we know that UW secondary is suspect. They have a true freshman starting at corner. cornerback Vonzell McDowell should be highly upset after this week's game.

If BSU can stop the run and pressure the QB, I think this one could get out of hand.