Sunday, December 7, 2008

College Bowl Pick 'em

Now that the season is over and the bowl games are getting slotted....and the BCS is refusing to play nice with a certain undefeated team, I have set up a College Bowl pick 'em group.
Here is the link...the important part os the group number (Group ID# 20755)...type in the number and the password is "sandiego"

As for the BCS matchups as predicted with a Florida vs Oklahoma title game in the works...pic below is from deadspin

Fiesta Bowl: Texas vs. Ohio State Longhorns score 45 plus in snore
Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Utah BAMA cleans up against an overrated Ute squad
Orange Bowl: Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech cure for insomnia..something good has to come from it
Rose Bowl: USC vs. Penn State Penn State is the oft overlooked one loss team, but this will be a blood bath...USC has some fun and Pete Carroll asks for a playoff in the postgame interview!

As for what happens from here.....a lot of people have made travel plans to San Diego for the matchup against TCU. Would local people be upset if they had to reschedule those plans if the BCS head honchos pulled their head out of the heinies and picked an undefeated BSU team vs taking a Ohio State- that will routinely take a throng of 100k fans to whatever BCS game they are about to be routed in? Notice no mention of Ball State or the H-Bowl game.....they do not need the extra ribbing....
While Army did not put up a good fight in the annual rivalry least they went stealth with their new enforcer jerseys....

new jerseys here or here ..... from the second link

In place of the name plate, “Duty, Honor, Country” will be displayed on the back of each player’s jersey along with their uniform number.

Saw this on Deadspin...pretty sure they topic/statement is right but this picture is not!!

-Sail on Greg Maddux....
- The Big Lead reports on Sparty the one man party blog that lead BSU nation into hysteria the other day...bloggers to be never trusted again....

-Bush Hamdan does not read this blog but has been all class even though some, like my Father, thinks he is a militant behind the scenes.....I want to echo Bush Hamdan and send a big "Thank You" to all of the readers of this blog.

speaking of militants......not sure if I should be scared or sad or laughing.......( from wiz of odds and losers with socks)

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