Thursday, April 22, 2010

NFL Draft 2010.....Pic of the Draft

...What visual memory will you take away from this draft?

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-The multiple bear hugs by the first 10 players selected vs. the commish/Godfather Goodell?
- The neck of the Cleveland Browns fan in the stands after Joe Haden was selected at #7
- How about the high school chicks* hanging all over the #8 pick in Rolando McClain? *The neon shirts led me to believe this was a high school musical party. You know the white girls want to tag team the richest guy in the room. The youngster in the green polo just wants sloppy seconds...knowing that in 4 months time, he will be gravytraining off of Rolando McClain.....Stay Classy, Mr. Tongue Out!

- Ryan Matthews, first WAC player off the proverbial board.......Good for him

- Thought of the moment after the Chargers take Matthews....Why is Bulaga at the draft. Oh the same reason Brady Quinn was there. The same reason Jimmy Clausen and Timmy Tebow are not there. The insufferable waiting...

- with selection #15 ...this NY FAN brings back the neckbeard...God Love Him, and the short bus he arrived on. Do we blame McDonalds/Supersize This for this neck(s) invasion?
#17 San Fran selects a Vandal.....good representation of Poly Pride#19 'Spoon believes in NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND
#24 Dallas selects Dez Bryant...and know he can afford to buy a belt. At least he put a polo shirt on! Random shot to get the faithful chanting "U-S-A ....U-S-A ......U-S-A"

Agent: Tim, now we can spoon.....
#29 Jets select local hero, Kyle Wilson ( BSU, as if you need to ask).....and his peeps lose their mind. Guess who the agent is? Love to see the BSU jersey on KW Sr.

The newest bandwagon-hopping fan is Ms. Draft Celebrity Queen

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