Wednesday, December 2, 2009

6 days remaining.....

...till Metallica arrives in the Treasure Valley for the first time since March, 2004.
I should preface this lil list that I refuse to include anything off the "Black" or "Load" or "Re-load" or "St. Anger" albums...Plenty of fans hopped off the bandwagon since summer of 1991 when the Black album came out. Luckily the most recent album, September 2008's Death Magnetic recaptured some of the 80's metal that had been missing. Going off that premise, there is no way a single song from the aforementioned albums would be included in the top 7 songs performed by Metallica. They just do not hold a candle to early Metallica. Will go out on a limb for next selection since technically it is a cover song. Nonetheless, it rocks harder than any song that has come out over the last 16 plus years. I will give some leeway with songs off of Death Magnetic such as "All Nightmare Long" or "Cyanide" or "The Day That Never Comes".

However for this installment, which is like picking who your favorite son/daughter is, I have chosen a cover of Diamondhead's " Am I Evil?"

Also in the news, look for a podcast to be embedded here in the next 24 hours....BNP Podcast will include local media opinion giver, Troy Oppie ( who explains his disagreement on having Pettis on the 2 point try and the timing of it).Also BNP Podcast listeners will get an additional 20% from Dec 2-4 for listening at the Blue Orange Store- thanks to BSU Fan and owner Travis Hawkes.


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sebastien09 said...

boise state is one of my favorite teams and just keeps getting better and better