Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Coach Poaching?

update....all speculative opinion and no truth to this thought process With the departure of Coach Hauck from Montana to UNLV, and the reported interest of Boise State's Brent Pease***, above, heading to Montana, could there be another BSU coach heading that way? If any dominoes fall into place, I can see this man, below, return to the state of Montana and end up in the Defensive Coordinator position! Just sayin'...but I hope this does not come to fruition, and this is just the eggnog talking!

*** Raise your hand if you knew Pease was from Mountain Home?
In a completely unrelated thought, I think BYU gets rocked tonight....Jacquizz shows up and smashes the Cougs. Beavs 39 Cougs 21

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