Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Where are you going to sit?

As for the ticket situation, I got the hall pass to the game ( Thanks Honey) and I have on good authority, a pretty decent seat coming my way. Supposedly the fiesta bowl peeps are saying their allotment is already sold out. Seems to be that is some sort of propaganda to get the tix sell going but then again it can be the complete truth....whatever option you believe, choose wisely.Just want to keep people aware of what is poppin' at the North Shore......here is the live cam....

a must see for old soul surfers and large wave riding fools.......Whenever, you are in doubt remember this.....Eddie Would Go

Metallica occurred last night.....the rundown/ensuing headache.

- Had a dude jump out of the seated area onto my wife and now she has a sore neck...The guy actually landed on some exposed metal stand probably busted some ribs. I hope he had a collapsed lung personally.

-Another guy jumped from the seated area and busted up both of his ankles so he got taped up and assisted by the paramedics....luckily he missed my wife

-made it within 6 feet of the stage and was reincarnating the thrashing head banging motion from the song "One".....and tweaked my knee again. I was done as far as mixing it up and had to watch the last half of the concert from 20 feet from the stage. For those that care, I had the m.r.i. last Friday to determine if I tore my a.c.l. (from a volleyball tweak 2 weeks back). I am impressed with how far m.r.i.'s have come in the last 17 years. What once took an hour, now takes only 20-25 minutes. I am hoping that the initial analysis is just a torn cartilage/meniscus. Head back for the m.r.i. results today.....UPDATED A.C.L. TORN
lousy pic from my crappy cell phone below

- the set list was awesome...ton of new stuff, lot of old stuff from the good days, 3 from the black album that I could do with out, played "Damage Inc." which was a nice treat....and covered Queen's "Stone Cold Crazy".

-The parking lot was packed like never before.....and was also an ice skating rink due to the snow fall that day and the temperatures dropping into single digits. Still well worth it. The floor had some available space but every seat in the house was occupied- my question, how can you not splurge the extra $20 in order to get within a 10 feet of this legendary group.

-The weirdos, all sorts, showed up in droves last night.....it was awesome to see and everyone was stoked when they left the show.

- If anyone wants to submit their videos or pics of the show, email to statueleft@hotmail.com thanks in advance

-Lars was his annoying self, James was his sober self and playing the circus master, Kirk seemed melancholy or uninterested ( he even screwed up his own solo/doodle- and he smiled when he did it)...but my main man, Robert Trujillo, was on point all night.

pic from statesman

- Before Metallica came on stage...maybe 15 minutes before, a lil girl was brought up on stage. She looked to be about 5-6 yrs old and she got to sit in the drumset and she her picture taken...the crowd ate it up. Speculation that the child was roadie/stage hand's daughter or it cold have been a Camp Rainbow/Make a Wish situation but it was fun to see the lil girl's devil horns and beautiful smile.

-Worse part of the night was the crowd was getting antsy and they started the wave...the freaking wave. For about 5 minutes......not to proud of that!

update 12.09.09


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