Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Tim Tebow Lovefest justed faded to black

Pic compliments of the Statesman
While this is the second best Metallica song ever, there were more important events occurring tonight.

This Texas kicker just made a hard kick look easy and defeated a pesky, scrappy Huskers squad ( great job by Ndamukong Suh) - Hunter Lawrence will never have to pay for a Lone Star Beer in the Republic of Texas again. Would love to see TCU play Bama in the National Championship game, but that is not going to happen! The Florida Tebows should play Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl. TCU vs Cincy in the that leaves (most likely) Iowa as the opponent for the Broncos in early January.

At the risk of sounding like a fair weather fan, am I the only who thought that it would be easier if BSU did not get selected to a BCS bowl game, that way I did not have to do honeydew's from now til the Fiesta Bowl? Trust me I am stoked about the good fortunes but now I have to worry about potential time off work, cost of air transportation ( ranging if I get the plane tix tomorrow for $400, wait a week and it could be up to $500) .....oh well, it will be well worth it!

Great job by the two headed running monster of Avery and Martin....good to see the teammates splitting reps and enthusiasm! Pic compliments of the Statesman

Speaking of rushing attempts, the Aggies tried to run out the clock from the middle of the third quarter on.....boring the Broncos defense to sleep did not work. Could have something to with the pitiful play calling but also the serious leg injury to Aggies QB Jeff Fleming. The minor connection for Fleming to BSU? He was the High School QB for Boise State's #85 Tommy Gallarda. Pictured below is theleft leg injury in question...ouch!Pic compliments of the Statesman
About the only bad news to report from today's 42-7 curbstomp over New Mexico State, was the bad snap by the Broncos leading to a easy drive by the Aggies to give up the shutout/point spread...but more importantly, that on Senior Day of all days, WR Michael Choate look to have suffered a serious leg injury...ugh!Heal up dude!

Also in the news, this blogger believes the Heisman order goes Gerhart, McCoy, Ingram, Tebow, Kellen Moore. All but Moore gets invited to NYC for the presentation.

The next Notre Dame coach.......I can see Urban Meyer leaving especially after the disappointing loss to Bama, but I will stick with Cincy's Brian Kelly as the replacement for Chuck Weiss. Florida has better weather, coeds and plenty of awesome players in their backyard. As for Bob Stoops, he states that he is not the next coach but Nick Saban has made those kind of statements as well. If Stoops heads to South Bend, maybe he is trying for the challenge of being the Savior of Notre Dame football. I can see the same thing out of Urban Meyer as well...still sticking with Brian Kelly as of right now!

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