Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Scrimmage 2 Vol VI

Remember there are two certainties on this basement dwelling blog.....this blogger thinks Tom Scott always arrives as the most dapper looking reporter in the stadium......and this blogger loves snapping pics of the action. Click on picture to see a larger version of each individual snapshot. If you have any recommendations of what you want to see let me know.......if you want to submit any pics, email me at #17 Carlo meet #33 Tommy Smith....yes that was the dump truck that you just ran into!

Bubble Screen attempt to local high school product, #89 Tyler Shoemaker
#10 Hawkins heaves the rock down field to #18 Aaron Burks
#10 Hawkins eyes a wide out after a botched snap, and #96 Voltron is attempting the spin move on the left tackle #75 Faraji Wright..... Voltron eyes Hawkins
to no avail, when Hawkins pulls the okey-doke and runs pas the first down markers!
D-lineman's dream, is to intercept the rock, and take it to the house....#96 Voltron Root tips the ball and #63 Jake Densley comes close to curtailing the batted ball


Anonymous said...

great job with the pics! it was very helpful that you included a narrative with each play sequence, so the viewer can understand what's happening. Thanks!

rabid Bronco fan from Virginia

StatueLeft said...

Thanks day I hope to get on the field to get a lil closer shots....too bad the local pic-snappers do not include a detailed narrative of each sequence of pics....