Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Scrimmage 2 Vol. IV Best 3 Offensive plays of the day

Favorite play of the scrimmage....#10 Drew Hawkins gets flushed out of the pocket and gallops down the sideline, and then #18Aaron Burks lays out #13Brandyn Thompson for a "key block". The key block might or might not have been a clip but when Burks saw the official's flag never came out, Burks was pretty pumped up. Drew Hawkins also started putting the ball up in the air about the 5 yard line and it seems it has been a long time since a hot dogging qb got to do that here on the blue.....

Another tackle-breaking scamper by #6 DJ Harper
At this point, I thought #1 Kyle Wilson was going to catch Harper
Here is an impressive #6 DJ Harper run...busting tackles and escaping out the back door( in all honesty, I gave up on this play, too)

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