Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Since we care about Harold Reynolds' health, we have this.....

Also in the news......hope you missed out on the Dan Patrick-Mark Grace-Kerry Wood diatribe over the radio would make you lose your lunch- think of the "trots" while playing 1st base...14:00 minute mark of the clip provided below
if you want to hear Sweet Lou on oxycontin, all chilled out and discussing the mind frame (work hard, have fun...and don't cheat yourself)of the Northsiders, his spiel is at the beginning of this clip ( click on the big show with Dan Patrick and Keith O.)
Remember Lou Pinella does not like the term "lovable losers"
If you follow the other "football", check out this dazzling footwork.....Mancini
For those comic book fans, long live Capatin America
but the best clip ever describing the resume of Cap' America

It has not been the best 24 or Prison Break in modest opinion, and I have to be tightlipped about this since Johnny BadAss himself emailed me this pic....

so, in other words, enjoy LOST, Jericho or whatever else you plan on watching tonight.....

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