Saturday, April 28, 2007

3rd Pick Overall ...Jared Zabransky

First off, Steve Young was sippin on the syrup a lil too early in the broadcast and missed on the most impressive and obvious "woulda/coulda/shoulda" and guessed Brady Quinn at the 3rd slot.
Hello...what was ol' #8 thinking? Post concussion syndrome is clearly evident when he opined that the Browns needed to select Brady Quinn.

However here is where the most undiagnosed conspiracy theory is being overlooked.
I could have sworn that the Commish whispered under his breath Jared Zabransky ( 26 second mark on the clip) when announcing the 3rd overall pick. Instead it appears that the Commish has been instructed to go with known amateur fisherman, Joe Thomas. I smell an investigation similiar to the Warren Commission in the near future.

Luckily, the next shot is not of Joe Thomas but of a sulking but more shocked Brady Quinn. Luckily the camera pans to some hottie who wants to make Brady Quinn her " Tom Brady Baby Daddy"(don't believe me, read the sign she is holding)....but then some idiots get in the way of the best looking hoodrat in the venue.....stinking Jets Fans.....

Luckily, the crowd picks up on the conspiracy theory surrounding the Zabransky/Thomas/Quinn selectionand they start chanting "Cleveland sucks, Cleveland sucks..."----another no-brainer by the Jets Fans.

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