Friday, April 6, 2007

Spring scrimmage #2 4.6.07

Easiest way to see these pics in good detail is by clicking on them

This vehicle just made me laugh....and I needed it.

The best part of this pic is the classic "hands to the face" by Clady on some poor soul

Towards the end of the scrimmage, Tharp overthrows wideout

Coach Pete eyes ballcarrier( possibly Jarvis Hodge w/ blueshirt hanging out)

Lomax gets clobbered ( hidden on left side behind referee)

Lomax actually escaped this rush, on an undesigned rollout

Avery about to punch the ball in but fumbles....

Sweet play where Key runs cross field for an easy throw and catch for a touchdown.....perhaps with some help from the referee who might/might not have been used as a pick.
Bush threw the td pass and pointed to 3 guys in the upper deck on the west side seats, who were celebrating

All day to throw, provided by the o-line

Tharp with all the time in the world, RT is pancaking some poor soul

Bush rolling out, eluding Acrey #52

Avery taking the ball before absolutely getting crushed by a d-lineman

The TWO HEAD HONCHOS discuss the weather, which was incredible

Tharp on a bootleg where he got hit near the sideline, about 5 Yard gain

Tharp handing off

Gore and Clady...could/should be dominating

Coughlin drops back

Coughlin delivers...

Coughlin to Childs

Coughlin better get rid of the ball


Coughlin attempting to juke the db

Good pocket to throw in

Avery about to take it outside

Bush in shotgun

Lomax to Silsby#32 in the flat

Bush in shotgun

Bush to Surratt about to unfold

Play action

Julian Hawkins quite possibly.....

Lucariello hobbles in...

Jeff Caves (standing) and Brian Murphy manning the KTIK booth

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