Friday, November 2, 2007


I would have some fancy flashes of brilliance to pass along concerning the game of the week, but I have lost interest until the Hawaii game*.....The day after Turkey Day is the Bowl Game for me, at least the one I am looking forward to. This weekend's game is already over and the mighty Spartans will lose by 38 points....Ian Johnson will come back but limited playing time. Unlike last year where Ian returned to rush 30 plus times against Nevada, Ian will cruise to around 80-90 yards with a TD. The awesome trio of freshman will lead the scoring ways, Avery, Harper and Young will contribute and a possible Tanyon Bissell touchdown is on the horizon.
I see the score finishing at 45-10. Enjoy the madness, that is San Jose State kicking game!
( Offensively speaking,Jeff Garcia is not walking through that locker room and suiting up )

Lastly, join the Treasure Valley Parrotheads for the pregame tailgate activities in the grass area beyond the North End zone, bring a canned food to donate to the local food bank and enjoy/imbibe in your favorite beverage ( bring your own , of course)......

Games of the week will really surround the game of the century ( again) with the Pats and Colts....I would like to see the PATS run up the score on the Colts, but we all know that is not going to happen....right!!!! Since the wife hates Tom Brady and his baby-making-and-disappear act, I hope Tom Brady throws for 5 td's......

In college, LSU vs Nick Satan...who ya got? LSU expected

*As for the Idaho game, a quick message for our old rivals

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