Thursday, April 10, 2008

Disgusting this still goes on......

Interview/thoughts on Lance Allred, former Idaho Stampeder player (now up riding the pine with the Cav's and massaging Lebron's bad back), who was raised in a polygamous family until 13 yrs of age, were recently brought up due to the alleged pedophiles in El Doradao, TX......This is very much a sidestep from the usual Boise State flow but this story of taking 400 people ( women and children) out of a compound, makes me want to puke.....That compound did not sound like all was lovey dovey like BIG LOVE.......where is Bill Henrickson when you need him? This is sad that there has not been a big raid like this since 1953...I pity these kids! Are pedophiles using their religion to break the law? I am glad I was not raised in a FLDS community!

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