Friday, April 11, 2008

Pics from the scrimmage are coming

I stuck around to see the hysteria with the press and Kellen Moore. Kellen was being questioned about 15 minutes after everyone else was finished being interviewed ( besides Coach Harsin) and the rest of the players headed off to do their own thing.
While waiting I saw several big time players sign autographs near the locker room, all with smiles on their faces. They did not have to do this and could have walked on by. It made me think that those smiles that the kids (asking for autographs) show off, make it all worth it.
Coach Pete was one of the last few staff/players to leave the BLUE and he said Hello to those waiting near the locker room and told one recruit to keep lifting. Told another player's parent that their son was doing great. It was a side of the players and the coaching staff that most people don't get to see unless they look for it. I was happy to see it and the pics coming up over the next few days ( why rush, we have a million days until Fall practice), will be displayed with nothing but positive comments. No more negative comments.....we will see how long that remains.
Enjoy the weekend!
Moore 11/13 99yds
Hamdan 7/10 65yds
Lomax 6/13 53yds
Coughlin 4/9 26yds
look here for impressive non-credential summaries
OBNUG who might have a man crush on Brock Jamarillo...maybe they just like Kickers
Fight Fight should have some insight over the weekend
Access-friendly media below

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