Monday, June 23, 2008

Tearing out the Blue Turf

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Arrived a lil bit late but caught the mounds rubble being heaved around. Appeared to be asphalt but what does this blogger know. Had to avoid Security Sam, but did not want to jeopardize this picture-taking fools life by running out towards the field just to gather some useless pics......

Did ask some construction guys about how it cool it was to work with the expansion and they all said, "it is great, and the view ( 6 stories) from the top, you can for miles and miles".....

The logo of the turf got cut out by the crew running the removal, McAlvaine Group ( sic). They took the numbers as well. I asked one guy ( a Vandal alum actually) if they announced if anyone could grab the turf, but it was his first day on the job and he had no clue.

Another set of construction guys had about 3 rolls of turf each in the back of their pick up trucks and mentioned something about eBay. These same two guys mentioned that the rest of the turf was getting donated to the local dump, so for all of the those who want a piece or two, check the dump. Not sure if that is legal but ya never know. It seems to be that the turf could have been donated but maybe it was an issue of where are they going to store the turf and was it worth it to keep it around until they sold the remaining scraps. I am sure there is a select community that would be all over it but obviously the higher ups thought to get rid of the turf and be done with it. Who knows, maybe these two constructions guys have no idea what of they are talking about.

One piece might or might not have dropped on the concrete and landed near my feet, which in my mind frame is littering, so I properly picked up and stowed it safely in said vehicle. That picture of the 8 inch by 8 inch piece might or might not be displayed on this blog.

On to the pics:
loads and loads of some sort asphalt looking substance which was under the turf and the rubber tire pellets

The lovely Blue and Orange letters just got power washed....what is the next step?

Breaking news
Last but not least....spoke with the Vandal alum about what specifically he is working on and he mentioned that he/they will be adding bricks to the two towers all the way up. Here is the beginning stages.....squint hard enough and you might see the red bricks at the elementary stages.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you got rid of that litter. You should be commended for picking it up. Thank you.

Did you get licnse plate numbers for the workers' trucks? someone might want to do a drive-by to ensure that the rolls didn't get accidentaly thrown out on to the roadway.