Thursday, July 31, 2008

7.31 stadium expansion via Protest Hill and Tablerock

click on any photo to see the enlarged version .......we have all seen this lil project grow up in front of our eyes, but here is some pics from a few different angles. Enjoy
Coming from the south, arriving at the stadium
Your standard shot from the south endzone parking lot For those who can afford it....the windows open
Another standard shot facing west
final clean by the window washers
Standard shot from the north
The filled in tunnels
The always forgotten student side...gets no love/expansion
standard shot facing east

clean bricks
From Tablerock...too bad it was so hazy

For my homies, still getting locked up in the system....pour out a lil liquor ( the old state pen.)

In relation to the downtown area.....the stadium is not too shabby size-wise
lil lower down Tablerock road

From the Boise DepotFrom Protest Hill

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Jason Haberman said...

Great pics...I wish the damn smoke would go away though.