Thursday, July 3, 2008

Legitimacy of the Blue Turf on Ebay

here is the link

This could be a touchy issue to some BSU fans. Why would someone purchase a piece of Blue Turf and how could you verify if it was authentic or not? Obviously, people are taking a chance by purchasing a piece of anything off of eBay. There have been questions on the different colors of the turf, front and back. To ease some fan's minds, I have obtained for journalistic/blogger purposes only, a piece of the recently ripped up turf. You can see the differences in the color of the front and back of the turf, but I would wager a guess that depends if you used the flash on the camera. I am not saying that the turf on eBay is 100% legit and there is no way I would pay more than $10 for a sq ft piece of turf but ...."different strokes for different folks".

Thoughts on this crack reporting?

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