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Sorry For Partying 7.05.08 at Tamarack in Donnelly, Idaho

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After whining and moping ( sic) around the house, I got the hall pass to the gig after all. I would have preferred if my wife would have went with me, but its just not her scene.......we have different perceptions of fun- her words, not mine.

So I went solo and met up with various relatives and about 2,000 of my closest friends. Some might compare this gig/venue/ atmosphere to the Braun Brothers Reunion in Challis, Idaho. I would say this version of the SFP tour/venue/gig was a mini- me version but suitable overall.

Some positives- the scenery is much more beautiful as the stage/seating area was surrounded by trees ( minus the eyesore know as the half built and bankrupt lodging accommodations of Tamarack Ski resort, just to the right of the stage.) The Tamarack staff were hospitable, and while the security guards had a job to do, they were not overpowering. The ones with attitude were from Boise, since the gig was being hosted by the Knitting Factory, formerly the Big Easy in Boise. There were less people and parking overall but everything worked out, and the drive from Boise was 2 hours vs the 4 hours to Challis. Another and quite possible the best factor of the weekend was the weather, where it might have been in the low 70's in the afternoon and by the time the gig was over at 1030pm, it might have been in the upper 50's

next clip is a lil in and out of focus....

The negatives- first and foremost, where was Muzzie?

Next,the lack of lawn chairs over 18 inches and the lack of bringing in your cooler full of whatever refreshment you would like. The Braun Brothers gig has made the Reckless and Motorcars fans very spoiled. Met up with my cousin who is 8 months prego and they would not let her have a chair over 18 inches tall, and while her Dad was upset about it, my cousin did survive.

Another negative that hopefully could be averted in the future was the lack of leaving to go and get a sweatshirt from the car or put away your sunglasses after dark. There was no readmittance after 5pm, and that did not sit well with me. Of course the real reason is to continue to partake in the consumption of barley hops.

( below, the view from the HoneyBucket line)

The bathrooms/honeybuckets were deplorable, as the case with the Braun Brothers gig last year. Expect a t-shirt to be sold at the BBR with a mention of last years portapotties ordeal.

I am sure some other thoughts will be added, for better or worse, but after sleeping up on Tamarack mountain on some U.S. Forest Land, I am off my game as we speak. Had to battle the mosquito's while trying to sleep and they reminded me of the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz.

As for the music, it went okay. RK played a couple new ones mixed with the usual standard stuff. Mickey appeared to have fun but since they had to cut the gig by 1030pm at the latest, it might have been a rushed set but the $5 beers might have been kicking in.

The sound was another issue, where you could not hear it from 10 feet away ( in the mosh pit, where I did see a kid or youngster crowd surfing at the end of the RK set). The best sound was about 50 to 75 feet back, where I positioned the old camera. Had to upgrade ( extra $5) to sit in the up close AKA the hard partying section, where if you wanted to dance next to the stage, you had to pay the extra $5 upgrade and I am sure this was a money making idea that the bands had no say in. Which lead Willie Braun leading a revolution halfway through the set when he wonndered out loud, " What is up with the barrier. Its like the Berlin Wall. Tear it down. Tear it down. Everyone from up top, come on down." At first, I was pissed that I had to pay $5 to sit so close and have the up close hard partying access but maybe this was Willie's slight dig at the management who put up the barrier ( which was just a white rope) in the first place. The barrier did not last 1 minute. The dance floor/ area in front of the stage became crowded with overserved and sunbaked concert attendees. At that time, it was actually pretty sweet. Willie turned out to be brilliant.

Wish RK would scrap the encore song, Revolution, but at least they ended with a staple " Crazy Eddies Last Hurrah". Personal favorite/ highlight was Wild Western Windblown Band.

Here is one clip of Mickey and the Motorcars, early on their set

Setlist provided by Club Millican


Now for the funny or maybe juvenile. I was down for the encore and while 3/5 of RK enjoyed the encore behind a black screen barrier, I placed my camera back there and took a quick snapshot and well, got a lil too close for comfort. The drummer who will remain nameless was relieving himself while the others just laughed and continue their liquid refreshments. Timing is everything!

Clumsy Lovers ( from Canada) enjoyed and play heartily, a few hours before the headliners

Willie and Cody enjoy the Clumsy LoversScott Miller plays on this stage over here ( side stage that he kept mentioning). I am sure he is used to the abuse since he is from West Virginia.Mickey and the Motorcars on stage before the shade took over

Reckless takes the stage

Encore time for the lead guitarist

During Revolution

Willie did holler out loud that they want to make this a new tradition every year.

See ya in Challis

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