Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Day After...... Pepper and Slightly Stoopid

So here at the blog this homeboy has felt the effects of the show until the wee hours of the mid-morning, trying to mix in work, golf and family life. Must have been too much second hand smoke unless the beers were unusually stronger than normal.

I was too busy enjoying the music to focus on snapping any decent pics or good video clips, but this will have to do.

To connect this post to BSU, I ran into a few of the players ( one that might or might not be in a highly contest battle at his position), one player that is still on scholarship but is not medically cleared to play and one player that will be on the Bronconationnow podcast next week. I brought up the podcast with this former player/future podcaster guest speaker and he is stoked to do it and was actually anticipating doing a few days ago but there was a mix up with the communication.

The lineup for the podcasts look to be promising..........stay tuned.
Interesting enough, the Favre drama ends just as the Olympics begin. NBC Conspiracy Theorists rise up!

Here we have a quick clip of Pepper joined by the co-frontman of Slightly Stoopid, Kyle McDonald. Multiple things going on here in the clip. The video is not centered on the band but rather a hot piece looking to bum a light for some nicotine. Some honeys walk by at the 20-second mark or so. Very nice ladies.......besides that, it's all good.

Here we have the mandatory pre-show jazzercize exercises that must include natty dreads
3 Boys from Kona....PEPPER

Slightly Stoopid about to get started

This is how I felt this morning.....looks like the lights turned into fishhooks

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DC said...

I saw these guys this summer on their Tailgate Tour and they KILLEDIT!!
I just downloaded "2am" on iTunes and got a free acoustic version of "Anywhere I Go" that sounds sick.