Saturday, August 9, 2008

08.09.08 Donavon Frankenreiter at Parilla Grill ......

more videos have been uploaded on the bottom of this post click on pics for larger version

......was really sick! About 10 feet away from the band and digging the sound. Big props to 94.9FM River for helping out with the gig and not scaring away the guy with the camera. Another shout out to Garth for supposedly helping out and providing the venue. Not sure who gets credit but I am sure proud to spread it around. Supposedly Garth knew the promoter and spent $500 to get the band in Boise ( after spending yesterday in Sandpoint, Idaho. The bassist, Matt Grundy, told me that the weather was horrible up there and after 6 songs, the band got off the stage for safety reasons. Matt and Donavon jumped down into the crowd and played acoustic as long as they could be the weather became too much.)

Here is Tim Johnstone from 94.9 River with a copy of the new album, which I so happened to end up with by the end of the show
Took some sweet pics and vid clips ( which will be uploaded over the next day. These vids will be uploaded to the blog but can be found on youtube sooner than later). The delay is due to the better quality video takes so much longer to upload. Here is a lower version but still not too shabby.

Donavon had the keyboardist/entire horn section in Eric Brigmond, bassist Matt Grundy ( who has some friends in the Treasure Valley and has thought about making Boise his new home) and another guitarist, Tim Pierce ( apologies if that is wrong) tucked in behind them in a very small venue. The makeshift stage area had the 4 dudes in a 15 square feet of concrete surface area and that is being generous. I believe the drummer was there but they did not have enough room- pure speculation.
The new album drops August 19th, Pass It Around.

Donavon with an anonymous StatueLeft

Stage for the band, along the wall, between the front door and the first bar table
Here Donavon is fine tuning his guitar on 13th street outside the Parilla Grill. Where else would you see the headliner prepping for a gig. People just left him alone.

After the show, we have Donavon autographing the arm of Summit, the son of my friend Doug. Thanks for taking the time to make the kid's day!

Finally...we have the lads enjoying another margarita!




Bend In The Road

Don't Matter

that's too bad

pass it around

move by yourself, first half

your heart

whatcha know about

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