Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fire Aftermath in East Boise

Just want to thank all of the neighbors, volunteers and local emergency peeps who truly helped out and saved as many properties as possible........I was down there for a few hours last night helping a customer and the word "shock" could not be illustrated enough. People were running on adrenaline and when that wore off, the shock of losing a house was imposing. The vibe of the community was very uplifting since everyone who was able to, was helping out. That meant carrying a hose, watching some one's kids while the other parents went to fight the fire, and using a pick ax to bust out windows for the firefighters to bust into an house to shut down some roaring flames.

Sadly there was a lady, who lost her life during this event. She was a instructor at Boise State and I am sure the University will honor her in a moment of silence during the opening of the 2008 Football season......

Here is a quick shot of what was a dried out sagebrush-filled BLM land that now looks as desolate as the Lunar surface......

Once again, thanks for the people who risked their lives to stand up against this behemoth of fire!

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